SEND (World Mission) at St Andrew's Leyland

Our vision: ’to see Jesus Christ worshipped as Lord and Saviour by all peoples everywhere’

Jesus said”Go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matt 28:19). We are a sent people! Our desire is to reach others with the good news of Jesus, whether the person next door or on the global mission field. We will do this by encouraging 6 habits:

6 habits of a ‘World Christian’:
i) Equipping - The Bible’s big story is God’s plan to win the nations. We will learn the Biblical mandate for missions and the needs of the church worldwide.
ii) Mobilising - Our resources will be used to fulfil His plan.
iii) Sending - God will raise up workers for His harvest. We will SEND them in a manner worthy of God.
iv) Going - We are all missionaries but some have a special call to missions, either elsewhere in the UK or cross-culturally/overseas.
v) Welcoming - We will welcome those who visit the UK, to reach them with the gospel.
vi) Praying - Because prayer is the fuel for missions.


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