Parochial Church Council

Our Parochial Church Council (PCC) comprises of a mix of elected and co-opted members; they meet 4 times a year.
A number of sub-committees meet on a more regular basis to oversee church life here at St. Andrews.
DuncanBell Damian Clapham MattCook120x160
Duncan Bell Damian Clapham Matt Cook
Christine Dean Jeanette Dobson LoisFerguson125x150
Christine Dean Jeanette Dobson Lois Ferguson
David Gibb David Jones crop JennieLawson80x120
David Gibb David Jones Jennie Lawson
PaulMoran   John Robb Bruce Sinclair
Paul Moran John Robb Bruce Sinclair
StelaStansfield125x150 CressidaSutcliffe80x120 KarenSwift125x150
Stela Stansfield Cressida Sutcliffe Karen Swift
AdrianTaylor80x112 SueTaylor80x112 RicTurner125x150
Adrian Taylor Sue Taylor Ric Turner
Deborah Tyrer LouWalsh125x150
Deborah Tyrer Lou Walsh
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