Our Vision 

As a church our vision is to see:

  • more followers of Jesus - we want to reach out to give everyone in our community and networks the opportunity to hear about Jesus and respond to him.

  • deeper followers of Jesus - we want to become deeper disciples, growing in the knowledge of God, and in love and service to others

  • committed followers of Jesus - we want to send on people to spread God's word and model God's love to the wider world

Our 5 Greatest Opportunities

Whilst we believe God will do many more things through us, we have committed to pushing in the direction of 5 areas of opportunity. They are:
1. Prayer - We believe that prayer should be at the heart of our life as a Church

2. Discipleship - Living lives that are wholly driven by our beliefs and the examples of Christ

3. Children's and Youth Work - Allowing future generations of Church family to learn and grow together

4. Small Groups - Through studying the Bible and praying in small groups we can develop loving relationships within our large church family

5. Communication - A commitment to using new tools and expertise to improve our communication within existing church family and beyond, bringing people from the local community to know and love Jesus