What's Going On At St. Andrew's?

Church life at St Andrew’s is about being part of a Christian community, a family of believers within the town of Leyland. So it provides opportunities for us to grow as a family, to serve one another and the wider community of Leyland.  There’s a lot going on every week, just take a look at the calendar.

Of course Sunday services are important, they are a time when we gather together to worship God and receive teaching to help us to grow.  And for the children there are Sunday Bible classes for all ages from pre-school to early teens.

During the week there are youth activities for different age groups, midweek study groups, Mums and Tots, a Good News group for adults with learning difficulties and a range of social activities.  We have several ministries going on, including work with Christians against Poverty, food bank, dealing with mental health issues, as well as various courses and events.  There are regular prayer meetings (First Priority) as well as support for overseas mission (Beyond Leyland.)

Plenty of opportunity for everyone to be involved, to grow and to serve in a loving family!