Reason To Believereasontobelieve

Many people have lots of questions about God, his existence, his purpose, our existence and our purpose in this life. Religion, Christianity, life after death are constant issues many of us deal with, but for many people, even in the church, we go through life either too embarrassed to ask for help, or we just simply push them to one side and never actually give time to deal with them.

Starting on Tuesday, 28th April 7:30pm-8:30pm, our Associate Vicar Matt Cook is running a weekly online Zoom meeting called 'Reason to Believe'  watch this video for more details
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The purpose of this meeting is to create an informal, safe place to work through our questions, see what the Bible teaches and look at what that means for us today.

If you feel this would benefit you then please send an email to and let us know that you would like to join and Janet will email you the Zoom details. It would be great if you could also write a question or two that you would like us to look at.

This is a great opportunity, during these difficult times, to investigate some of the most important questions we may ever ask.