SEND (World Mission) Helpful Information & Links

Mission agencies:

Platform-67 -
Africa Inland Mission (AIM) -
Crosslinks -
Operation Mobilisation -
WEC (Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ) -
OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship) -
Serving in Mission (SIM) -
Wycliffe Bible Translators -
New Tribes Mission -


Luwero Project -


Operation World (a prayer guide to the world) -
OSCAR (One Stop Centre for Advise and Resources - everything you need to know about going!) -
iServe (short term missions opportunities) -
All Nations College (training for cross-cultural mission) -
Perspectives - find out your role in God’s mission for the world -
Kairos (a shorter version of Perspectives) -
Serving as Senders course - how to send others well -
Christian Vocations - opportunities to serve -

Find out your gifts and potential opportunities to serve -

Recommended reading:

Why bother with Mission? (Stephen Gaukroger) - a simple guide to missions.
Missions: how the local church goes global (Andy Johnson) - a brief overview of how the local church can get involved in global missions.
Serving as senders (Neal Pirolo) - how to send other well.
Radical (David Platt) - taking back your life from the American Dream; a challenge to get real and live your life for Jesus.
Live life on purpose (Claude Hickman) - a powerful summary of God’s mandate to evangelise the world.
Missionary biography:
We died before we came here (Emily Foreman) - the gripping story of a family bringing the gospel to a Muslim nation where Christianity was illegal.
Evidence not seen (Darlene Deibler Rose) - a woman’s miraculous faith in the jungles during WW2.
Enough (Helen Roseveare) - the story of one lady’s missionary life in the Congo.


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