What We Believe About Missions

God’s mission is for Himself to be praised among all peoples. This is the key theme running through scripture. He is to be worshipped by all peoples everywhere.
God’s primary means of achieving his purpose is His church (Romans 10:14-15), which Jesus promises He will build (Matthew 16:18). The scope of discipleship in the Great Commission extends to all the nations. There are no cultural, social, geographic, economic or linguistic barriers which place people beyond this activity (Matthew 28:19, Psalm 67). To that end the focus of missions is everywhere, but there is a particular emphasis on areas where Christ is not yet known (Romans 15:20–21). The Holy Spirit gives the local church the task of sending its members into cross-cultural gospel ministry (Acts 13:2–4). Global missions is a partnership between those who send (and support) and those who are sent (Philippians 1:3-3).
We believe each person is called to engage in cross-cultural mission. Some have a specific calling. Part of our role is to affirm and enable these callings, supporting our ‘Away Team’ and partner organisations. We recognise that this will involve committed partnership, each partner having something to contribute and something to receive from the other. Loving, Christ-exalting relationships are more important than simply getting a task done.
We also acknowledge the role of the local church in raising awareness and understanding, and in fostering a culture of prayerful engagement in cross-cultural missions.

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