Seven Minutes with God

If you would like to grow in your friendship with God, how about beginning each day with God, reading a bit of his word (the Bible) and praying to him?

Pick up the card at the back of church entitled ‘How to have a daily prayer time: 7 minutes with God’, as an aid and download the monthly sheets from our Notices, Newsletter & Prayer Diary page below as a guide to which passages to read daily.
Notices, Newsletter & Prayer Diary section

Aug's Passages
Week 1
Mon 31st July Psalm 31:1-8 - God’s safe hands
Tue 1st Aug  Psalm 31:9-18 - The Times
Wed 2nd Aug Psalm 31:19-24 - Hope in the Lord
Thu 3rd Aug  Psalm 32:1-5 - The Blessed one
Fri 4th Aug  Psalm 32:6-11 - Not like the mule!
Sat 5th Aug  Psalm 33:1-9 - Singing a new song

Week 2
Mon 7th Aug  Psalm 33:10-17 - Vain hope
Tue 8th Aug  Psalm 33:18-22 - Real hope
Wed 9th Aug  Psalm 34:1-7 - Glorify the Lord with me!
Thu 10th Aug  Psalm 34:8-16 - Taste and see!
Fri 11th Aug  Psalm 34:17-22 - Close to the brokenhearted
Sat 12th Aug  Psalm 35:1-10 - When treatment is unfair

Week 3
Mon 14th Aug  Psalm 35:11-18 - When prayers go unanswered
Tue 15th Aug  Psalm 35:19-28 - When people sneer
Wed 16th Aug  Psalm 36:1-4 - Wickedness and sin
Thu 17th Aug  Psalm 36:5-12- Love and life!
Fri 18th Aug  Psalm 37:1-6 - Do not worry
Sat 19th Aug  Psalm 37:7-11 - Wait patiently

Week 4
Mon 21st Aug  Psalm 37:12-20 - The wicked v The LORD
Tue 22nd Aug  Psalm 37:21-26 - When people sneer
Wed 23rd Aug  Psalm 37:27-34 - The wicked & the righteous
Thu 24th Aug  Psalm 37:35-40 - No future for the wicked
Fri 25th Aug  Psalm 38:1-8 - Suffering & sin
Sat 26th Aug  Psalm 38:9-14 - Before the Lord

Week 5
Mon 28th Aug  Psalm 38:15-22 - Troubled by sin
Tue 29th Aug  Psalm 39:1-6 - Try shutting up!
Wed 30th Aug  Psalm 39:7-13 - Now, try talking to God!
Thu 31st Aug  Psalm 40:1-5 - Waiting for God
Fri 1st Sept  Psalm 40:6-10 - God wants me, not my rituals!
Sat 2nd Sept  Psalm 40:11-17 - Do not delay!