Seven Minutes with God

If you would like to grow in your friendship with God, how about beginning each day with God, reading a bit of his word (the Bible) and praying to him?

Pick up the card at the back of church entitled ‘How to have a daily prayer time: 7 minutes with God’, as an aid and download the monthly sheets from our Notices, Newsletter & Prayer Diary page below as a guide to which passages to read daily.
Notices, Newsletter & Prayer Diary section

October Passages:
Week 1

Mon 2nd October Psalm 50:16-23 - Don’t forget God
Tue 3rd October Psalm 51:1-6 - Seeking God’s mercy
Wed 4th October Psalm 51:7-15 - True repentance
Thu 5th October Psalm 51:16-19 - What pleases God
Fri 6th October Psalm 52:1-9 - Alternative securities
Sat 7th October Psalm 53:1-6 - Do not fear

Week 2
Mon 9th October Psalm 54:1-6 - Name and reputation
Tue 10th October Psalm 55:1-8 - At Whit’s End Corner
Wed 11th October Psalm 55:9-19 - Bitter betrayal
Thu 12th October Psalm 55:20-23 - Care-free
Fri 13th October Psalm 56:1-7 - Trusting God’s word
Sat 14th October Psalm 56:8-13 - In God I trust

Week 3
Mon 16th October Psalm 57:1-6 - Being pursued
Tue 17th October Psalm 57:7-11 - Singing in the night
Wed 18th October Psalm 58:1-11 - It is God who judges
Thu 19th October Psalm 59:1-10 - Personal deliverance
Fri 20th October Psalm 59:11-17 - Prayer for the people
Sat 21th October Psalm 60:1-12 - Victory

Week 4
Mon 23rd October Psalm 61:1-8 - Safe and secure
Tue 24th October Psalm 62:1-12 - …but yet, God!
Wed 25th October Psalm 63:1-11 - Longing for God
Thu 26th October Psalm 64:1-10 - But God!
Fri 27th October Psalm 65:1-4 - Praising God
Sat 28th October Psalm 65:5-13 - God’s amazing provision